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Powerful Presentation Secrets (T1)
Did you know that only 7% of your communication is dependent on the words you use? The other 93% of your message is comprised of communication that is out of your conscious awareness. The problem with most communication is that the words are not congruent with the unconscious cues in the voice tone and body language. Learning to leverage the power of this 93% will get you your desired results in any presentation setting be it a sales meeting, group training, employee meeting or corporate presentation. These are the secrets of the best presenters in the world.

Train the Trainer (T2)
When you discover how to align all the components of your communication then you will be able to effectively convey message to any audience regardless of the content. You will find it easy for your audience to clearly understand the benefits of what you are presenting. This program delves into the secrets of unconscious communication in an easy-to-understand and lively format. This program will set you miles ahead of other presenters. You will know what to do and say regardless of the audience.