Reading and Leading Masterclass – $1

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Want the step-by-step workbook to get more out of our time together in the Reading and Leading Masterclass? Avoid manic note-taking and be sure you don’t miss a step by following along with the printable workbook. The Workbook includes fill-in-the-blanks, diagrams, examples, lists of specific words to use, detail descriptions and more. It’s only $37USD. To get the workbook:

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Learn more about your own representational system (“rep system”)

Learn how to elicit a client’s rep system

Learn how to listen for a potential client’s rep system

Learn how to “speak someone else’s language” by using words, tones and body language that appeals the most to the other person’s preferred rep system.

By watching the masterclass you will become a more effective coach, manager or business owner by learning about:

    • The process of change.
    • The law of requisite variety.
    • The peak performance triad.
    • The emotional guidance system.
    • How to SNAP out of negative emotional states.
    • How people DO stress.
    • The Representational Systems in detail.
    • How you can use Rep Systems to remove resistance from your clients.
    • How you can use Rep Systems to WIN more clients.
    • How to speak in a way that increases the acceptance of your communication.
    • How to quickly identify what someone else’s rep system is, without the quiz.
    • How to translate from one Rep System to another.
    • The process of gaining rapport.
    • A quick way to break rapport and how to avoid it.